Period 2008 – 2010
Position Web Developer
Project Fundação Voxx Populi – fvp.pt
Description FVP was constituted with the purpose of promoting the pedagogic use of opinion polls and to stimulate young people in schools and universities to use well-researched instruments for collecting polling data.
Technologies Content management system built from scratch in PHP
WYSIWYG editor, all website content saved in MySQL
Custom file upload manager
Designed in Adobe Photoshop
Period 2012 – 2013
Position Web Developer
Project Pasteis de São Pedro – pasteisspedro.pt
Description Website for local company that produces traditional bean pastries.
Technologies Static Website
Contact form in PHP
Management of hosting, email and DNS settings
Designed in Adobe Photoshop
Period 2015
Position PHP Developer
Project Adzol Media – Filter Script
Description Developed a script to handle URL redirections based on specific filters and conditions. Its main purpose is to identify and block illicit traffic sources.
Technologies Built from scratch in PHP
Active Record ORM system using MySQL
IP Geolocation using MaxMind geoip2 database
DNS black list checking
Integrated WURFL for user-agent analysis
Period 2015 – Current
Position Web Developer
Project Dançar com Parkinson
Description Innovative project that provides dance classes for people with Parkinson’s disease. Developed in partnership with Associação Portuguesa de Doentes com Parkinson.
Technologies Management of hosting, email and DNS settings
WordPress customized on top of LAMP stack
Period Sep/2016 – Current
Position Member
Project Security Team at Técnico
Description STT is the security club of Instituto Superior Técnico and it’s composed of IST students, alumni and some teachers. Its goal is to provide a learning experience about cyber security while having fun playing cyber security CTFs (capture-the-flag).
CTFs are a competition between security professionals and students learning about cyber security. This competition is used as a learning tool for everyone that is interested and it can help sharpen the tools they have learned during their training.
Technologies Reverse Engineering, Debugging, Creative thinking;
Ghidra, Radare2, Frida, AASM, C, Python
Period Sep/2016 – Jan/2018
Position Project founder / Fullstack Developer
Project PoGoTuga.club
Description Community of PokemonGo players from Lisbon that provided an interactive map to allow players to pinpoint and share locations for different points of interest. At its peak it had 3000 unique visitors every day with an average of 60 concurrent users.
Technologies Python, NginX and MySQL
WordPress website for news and announcements
Bash scripting – Management of multiple linux servers
Load-balancing and MySQL server optimizations
Google Maps and Analytics APIs used
Discord server with Patreon integration
Period Jun/2018 – Feb/2020
Position Fullstack Developer
Project Rnters.com
Description Startup focused on developing a rental marketplace with integrated payments and insurance.
Built full websites for season campaigns:

Technologies Front-end development: HTML5, JavaScript (jQuery) and CSS (SASS)
Back-end development: Ruby on Rails